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06 July 2005 @ 04:46 pm
Timeline of the Tail Survivors, Part 1  





Day of Plane Crash                                            Oceanic flight 815, enroute from

                                                                       Sydney to LA breaks into three

                                                                       pieces in mid-air and crashes. The

                                                                       middle and cockpit sections land on

                                                                       one side of an island, while the tail

                                                                       section lands on the other side.

                                                                       Both groups of survivors assume

                                                                       each other for dead. There are 23

                                                                       survivors of the tail section.


Night of Plane Crash                                          Strange noises are heard in the

                                                                       jungle, and in the distance, it looks

                                                                       as though a large creature is

                                                                       walking over the bamboo.


1 Day APC (After Plane Crash)                           A fight breaks out among 2 of the

                                                                       survivors. Survivor Ryan Yeager,

                                                                       identifying himself as a federal

                                                                       agent, handcuffs a man identified

                                                                       as the prisoner he was

                                                                       transporting, accused murderer AJ

                                                                       Archer, to a piece of the wreckage.


3 Days APC                                                      The survivors became concerned

                                                                       that rescue has not yet come.

                                                                       They reluctantly begin to set up

                                                                       camp and ration their water and

                                                                       food better. The island begins

                                                                       exhibiting strange weather

                                                                       patterns. Survivors Ana Lucia

                                                                       Cortez and Dr. Isabel Jackson

                                                                       emerge as the unspoken leaders of

                                                                       the group.


6 Day APC                                                        A strange glow and thick smoke

                                                                       are seen in the distance, very



7 Days APC                                                       An exploration party of 5 is put

                                                                       together, consisting of survivors

                                                                       Ana Lucia Cortez, Ruby Mason, Val

                                                                       Jansen, Gregory Blackstock, and

                                                                       Tazy Aryou, and sets out into they

                                                                       jungle. 1 of their number, Gregory

                                                                       Blackstock, is killed by the

                                                                       unidentifiable island creature,

                                                                       bringing the total number of

                                                                       survivors to 22.


8 Days APC                                                      Wild boars raid through the

                                                                       wreckage at night, drawn to the

                                                                       smell of the dead bodies. Several

                                                                       of the survivors, armed with

                                                                       handguns, kill 3 of the boar. 7

                                                                       survivors are injured by the boar,

                                                                       but none are seriously hurt.



9 Days APC                                                       The bodies of the dead passengers

                                                                       are burned.


10 Days APC                                                     A small search party finds a           

                                                                       stream of fresh water several miles



16 Days APC                                                     Several survivors report hearing

                                                                       strange whispers and noises in the

                                                                       jungle while they are hunting for

                                                                       food or refilling water bottles. One

                                                                       survivor, Jocelyn Saunders, even

                                                                       reports seeing a strange woman in

                                                                       the distance that disappeared upon

                                                                       closer inspection.