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06 July 2005 @ 05:03 pm
Timeline of the Tail Survivors, Part 2  

18-24 Days APC                                                A myriad of strange noises are

                                                                       heard in the jungle. Search parties

                                                                       find nothing.


25 Days APC                                                     The noises abruptly cease.


27 Days APC                                                     A noise unmistakably identified as

                                                                       a gunshot is heard in the distance.


28 Days APC                                                     A search party investigates and

                                                                       finds nothing.


32 Days APC                                                     A survivor by the name of Laura

                                                                       Talbot disappears. No one could

                                                                       agree when and where she was last

                                                                       seen. Her body is never found. The

                                                                       total number of survivors is now 21


34 Days APC                                                    Survivor Jocelyn Saunders swears

                                                                       that while picking fruit in the

                                                                       jungle, she saw a different woman

                                                                       in the jungle, one carrying a rifle.


36 Days APC                                                    AJ Archer hears a very strange

                                                                      transmission on Yeager’s short-

                                                                      wave radio; a young man’s voice

                                                                      claiming that he is a part of the

                                                                      survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. The

                                                                      transmission is cut off in a sudden

                                                                      burst of static.


37 Days APC                                                    Another gunshot is heard in the



38 Days APC                                                    Deeper investigation into the jungle

                                                                      still reveals nothing. Reappearance

                                                                      by the island creature. No one is



40 Days APC                                                   A survivor by the name of Bill

                                                                     Donaldson disappears while

                                                                     gathering firewood. His body is never

                                                                     found. The total number of survivors

                                                                     is now 20.


42 Days APC                                                   A thick pillar of black smoke appears

                                                                     nearby. A search party is assembled

                                                                     to investigate. They find only a small

                                                                     alter-like structure burning, with no

                                                                     sign of who set it or why.


43 Days APC                                                  The island creature is heard in the

                                                                     jungle several times, as well as an

                                                                     explosion. Plans to investigate are

                                                                     made, but before the next day, 2

                                                                     men wash up on shore in the early

                                                                     morning hours. One of them has

                                                                     sustained a gunshot, the other does

                                                                     not speak English.