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11 July 2005 @ 03:40 pm
The Lone Wolf In Watch  
Krista, the Lone Wolf, sat in watch from afar as people had hustled and bustled around two figures being pulled to shore. She couldn't really see their faces very well, due to her distance and from the confusion surrounding them, but one looked blonde and scruffy, the other an Oriental of some sort. She squinted closer. Was that blood?

She shuddered and instantly turned her head away. Yes, yes, that most certainly had been blood, all over the blonde man. If there was something that made her stomach flip it was blood... or open wounds... anything of that sort. Needles were bad, too.

She gazed as they dragged the wounded man inside- what was her name again?- Isabel's tent. The Oriental seemed to be having some sort of hissy fit and pointing his finger madly where the other had been taken away. A group of people stood around him, trying to calm him down, while others were racing all over the sandy beach, some disappearing inside the 'hospital' tent, too.

And thus the commotion ensued. It was hard to tell what was going on, and though she was a might curious, she had no intention of strolling in there and finding out the details. Not yet, anyway. It was too much pandemonium. And besides, no one bothered to keep her informed, so she'd get her own information when the timing seemed right.

She groaned as she realized two details, though, that the others might not have considered. Two more full-grown men would mean more needed food, more fresh water, and more rationing of supplies. Who said these were friends to them, anyway? How did they all know these people had good intentions?

Krista shook her head and sighed. She was always full of doubt, she and her pessimistic state. It was just part of who she was. And that was just one of the reasons why she was the 'lone wolf' of the island.

But the lone wolf herself was hungry, as her stomach grumbled irritably. It'd been a good 24 hours since her last meal, and that was long enough. So she grabbed her cylinder case, silently stood up, and slipped out into the jungle without anyone seeing her go.