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12 July 2005 @ 09:56 am
Val quickly led the man to a place near the tent where the other was treated. with gestures she made it absoluteley clear that needed to stay put and be silent. She made sure they were out of everyone's way and that Jin didn't break the concentration the others needed.

From the corner of her eye she saw that Aj and Yeager were already making their way to where she and the strange man were waiting. And silently she prayed that someone would have some answers soon.

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11 July 2005 @ 03:40 pm
Krista, the Lone Wolf, sat in watch from afar as people had hustled and bustled around two figures being pulled to shore. She couldn't really see their faces very well, due to her distance and from the confusion surrounding them, but one looked blonde and scruffy, the other an Oriental of some sort. She squinted closer. Was that blood?

She shuddered and instantly turned her head away. Yes, yes, that most certainly had been blood, all over the blonde man. If there was something that made her stomach flip it was blood... or open wounds... anything of that sort. Needles were bad, too.

She gazed as they dragged the wounded man inside- what was her name again?- Isabel's tent. The Oriental seemed to be having some sort of hissy fit and pointing his finger madly where the other had been taken away. A group of people stood around him, trying to calm him down, while others were racing all over the sandy beach, some disappearing inside the 'hospital' tent, too.

And thus the commotion ensued. It was hard to tell what was going on, and though she was a might curious, she had no intention of strolling in there and finding out the details. Not yet, anyway. It was too much pandemonium. And besides, no one bothered to keep her informed, so she'd get her own information when the timing seemed right.

She groaned as she realized two details, though, that the others might not have considered. Two more full-grown men would mean more needed food, more fresh water, and more rationing of supplies. Who said these were friends to them, anyway? How did they all know these people had good intentions?

Krista shook her head and sighed. She was always full of doubt, she and her pessimistic state. It was just part of who she was. And that was just one of the reasons why she was the 'lone wolf' of the island.

But the lone wolf herself was hungry, as her stomach grumbled irritably. It'd been a good 24 hours since her last meal, and that was long enough. So she grabbed her cylinder case, silently stood up, and slipped out into the jungle without anyone seeing her go.
11 July 2005 @ 04:52 pm
The bullet was deeper than Isabel would have liked. Blood was beginning to gush from the wound, getting all over her hands, but she barely saw it, instead looking intently for the bullet.

She was about to stop, say they should stop the bleeding and start transfusions before beginning again, when the tweezers hit something hard. "I've got it," she said with a relieved smile. She took hold of the bullet and gently started pulling it out. "Cover the wound as soon as I pull it out," she said to Chris.

The bullet slid out easily. It was in one piece, thank God. She wouldn't have to go rooting around for other pieces. "It's the whole thing," she said, dropping it into a small cup she had in her tent. "He was lucky."

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Shannon hated the 'rape' caves. They always made her feel claustrophobic and trapped. All she could do was stare at the 'bed' Jack had made for Boone when he was trying to save him. It seemed fitting that she was next to Boone's deathbed at the end. Shannon didn't hold out much hope that they would be saved from the Island people by some miracle.

But there were no such things as miracles...especially here.

She stared listlessly, without seeing anything. She was forced out of her haze when Vincent whined and nudged her with his nose. "What?" she asked, annoyed, but rubbed his head automatically. This dog had her wrapped around its finger faster than she had most boys offering her the sun and the moon.

She glanced around finally really taking in the scene around her. Everyone was just sitting around, looking anxious and scared. They had heard an explosion earlier and everyone freaked out. Okay, yeah, explosion=bad, but what are you going to do about it from here? It would suck if it was one of the others, but at least it wasn't them.

Vincent rested his head on Shannon's lap, gazing up at her as she stroked his head and a small smile crept over her face.
11 July 2005 @ 11:00 am
So, there is was. They'd finally done it. They'd at long last accomplished what he'd set out to achieve oh so many moons ago. Once a sealed vault, a gate without a key, a door with no handle, and now, like some forbidden entranceway, its mouth spread wide open, begging for them to dare to slip down its gullet.

But how?

It's not that he was afraid. He knew he was the most 'in tune' with the island than any of them... and the least in tune was Jack. He knew that Jack still blamed him for the death of Boone, but how could he get him to see that sometimes destiny just leads you by the hand down its own paved road...? That sometimes some things were just meant to be...? That this island was not just an island...?

Only time would tell. And he was a patient man.

Locke gazed down into the hole without blinking, and slowly crouched to a bended-knee position, still un-blinking. He rested his fist gently under his chin as he thought and stared, stared and thought. He then closed his eyes, and just let his mind take wing, and listened to the sounds around him. The sounds of Jack breathing quietly, Kate gasping a little, and Hurley still muttering about those numbers... But most of all he listened to the island. So still, it was, so calm. Like it, too, was waiting, waiting... ever so patiently waiting...

Finally, he stood up, and paced over to Jack. "There's only one thing we can do, and it's the one thing we've all been anticipating and dreading at the same time. We've got to go down. We'll have to build a ladder. But first, to measure how deep."

The air from inside the hatch smelled of death. Not of fresh death, but the kind of musty decay that comes when no memories remain and names have been forgotten. When no one is left to care, and all that's left is the dry dust of old bones. Old death.

Not really a good sign.

Jack could see no end to the darkness and no way of getting down to it to find the end. There was a ladder, but it had long since rusted and snapped off just a few rungs down. Useless.

He glanced over his shoulder at Hurley, who's chubby face had gone near white in his panic. 'The numbers are bad...' What numbers? What in God's name had be been talking about?

Jack shared a brief glance with Kate before turning back to Locke. He could barely stand to even look at the man anymore...Boone was a sacrifice the island demanded kept playing through his mind, over and over again, leaving a wave of quiet fury in its wake. But for now, he'd have to swallow the anger, bitter and bloody though it was.

For now.

"Any suggestions?" Jack asked tonelessly, turning his gaze back to the dark, yawning obstacle that laid before them.


Jin wasn't sure how much longer he could do this. Fighting the current, fighting to keep his and Sawyer's heads above water, desperately searching for some sign of land. Just land, anywhere, anything but the eerie, pitch black ocean water.

He'd failed Sun. The raft was destroyed, Michael was nowhere to be found, Walt was taken. And Sawyer was barely holding on to consciousness. He wouldn't let himself fail Sawyer too. He wouldn't.

...Was that a camp fire in the distance? They couldn't possibly have found them...could they?

No, it wasn't the beach that the place crash survivors had camped on. It was different, a smaller stretch of beach fortressed by rocky cliffs on either side. But if he looked closely--and listened very carefully--he see people gathered around a large fire.

It could have been the ones that took Walt. But Jin knew he didn't have the strength to swim anymore. So it would have to do.

Deliberately he changed his course, adjusting his hold on Sawyer so that he was pulling him towards the distance glow. "I see something," he explained, even though he knew Sawyer couldn't understand him.

Sawyer, however, even in his half-coherent state, could see the same thing and appeared to get the idea of what Jin was saying. "Don't need...a translator...fer that, Bruce." he gasped. "I know 'land ho' when I...hear it." Damn it, his shoulder burned...and his head felt funny...

"Land...ho?" Jin parroted back brokenly through harsh breathing. He could hear the voices even more clearly now...predominantly high and female. The ones on the boat, that had taken Walt, had all been male...not that that meant anything.

Sawyer frowned, voices touching his ears. "Either I'm hearin' what Saint Peter's got in store...or we're even less alone on this hellhole island than we thought, Bruce." he grunted. Those were voices...and female...and Sawyer was willing to bet that, based on the life HE'D led, they weren't angels.

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09 July 2005 @ 11:46 pm

The only canons we're waiting to have filled are Hurley and Sayid.

Michael and Walt are also still available, but as their fates still hang in the balance, they are not crucial to starting.

If anyone would like to play these characters, just audition.

--The Mods