The Survivors of Flight 815--RPG

What lies down the hatch, and beyond the edge of the jungle

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48 people survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. In the month that followed, their number has dwindled down to 44. They have seen their own die...they have watched hope be born in their midst. They have bound together even when circumstance threatened to tear them apart.

They thought they were the only ones to survive.

They were wrong.



This RPG will begin at the end of Season 1. Canon characters will pick up exactly where "Exodus Part II" left off. Original characters will have no knowledge of the canon characters, because were not seated in the same section of the plane as the 48. They were seated in the tail section, which crashed on the other side of the island.

Canon auditions can be made HERE, while original character submissions should be directed HERE.



{Characters marked with [TEMP] are temporarily being filled in by another player and are technically still available}

-=Canon Characters=-

Jack: jshephard
Kate: _the_runaway__
Sawyer: _complex_guy_
Michael: [available]
Walt: [available]
Jin: jshephard [TEMP]
Sun: risinghigher__
Locke: the_john_locke
Shannon: _the_runaway__
Sayid: _complex_guy_ [TEMP]
Hurley: _hurleydude
Charlie: _bloodyrockgod_
Claire: aussie_blonde
Ana Lucia: _ana_lucia_

-=Original Characters=-

Isabel: dr_almost
Ruby: rubymason
Jocelyn: booksandblueyes
Krista: the_john_locke
Val: val_necro
Tazy: anastazia_aryo
AJ: aj_archer
Chris: chrisbourke
Yeager: ryeager
Caleb: c_arrington



1. You may only play 2 canon characters from the television show.

2. There is no restriction on original characters, but you are expected to keep up with them. If the moderators decide you have taken on more than you can handle, they reserve the right to scale back your characters.

3. While you don't *have* to, we would prefer it if you create an IC journal for your character. C'mon, isn't that most of the fun? You may post personal journal entries to your journal (your character's thoughts on what's going on the RPG) but post all IC posts to the main group page.

4. Role Playing should be done in past tense and third person.

5. Direct OOC chatter to the OOC group: oceanic_815_ooc

6. Smutty posts ARE allowed, but must be CLEARLY LABELED and placed behind a cut. Mark the subject header or a line before the cut with "NC-17"

7. Don't play other people's characters. Just don't. It's rude.

8. Be mindful of your posts. I do NOT expect every character to get along. It's much more fun if they don't. But keep IC confrotations IC and keep OOC confrotations COMPLETELY TO YOURSELF.

9. If the character died, then they are dead. Sorry. No Boone, no Ethan.

10. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!